Best Time To Shed Hunt

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How to coyote hunt, best varmint tips. The best way to hunt coyotes hands down. Plus free predator hunting tips and 101 tricks for hunting coyotes!

Some dogs need soft introduction, literally, and the best way to do that is with … Where most wannabe shed dog trainers go wrong is thinking that dogs work antlers with their noses all of the time. This belief leads to easy, but incorrect, … Jun 20, 2017 … Why buy a hand rake when you've already got a garden rake? Why is a spade better than a regular shovel, or vice versa? The answer is simple … More »

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Finding a big shed can certainly get your blood pumping. Not only will you know if a buck survived the season, you’ll get some insight to his home range. Mar 13, 2017 … With a strong desire to hunt, this hound can get pretty far very fast. … wonderful companions and great family dogs when properly trained and … More »

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It’s great fun! It’s that time of year…..shed antler hunting season! And, as we do every year, we’re having Buck & Bull Shed Antler Contests.

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Here’s The problem: Allergies. When we think of allergies we tend to think first about dog hair, but that’s not the real culprit; dander is. Dander is dead skin …

Energy depletion leads to sickness and oftentimes death for fawns and adult deer at this critical time of year. Here are some points to consider before going out shed hunting: • Is the area closed to human activity and presence? Some …

Step-By-Step Instructions. Our plans include complete step-by-step details. If you are a first time builder trying to figure out how to build a shed, you’re in the …

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Tr a ining shed antler hunting dogs has become increasingly popular in recent years. With the stiff competition the sport of antler hunting has now days.

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Should you find yourself with a lack of proper motivation this time of year, consider shed hunting. Antlers that have been shed … However, you can enlist some help from man’s best friend. Some dogs seem to have a knack for finding …

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Just starting out on your shed building project? Learn how to build a shed with our detailed step by step guide. Plans included!

“The smell that comes off of these antlers is at the base where it falls off the deer’s head when they’re shedding in the winter time. It’s not the antler … One of the great things about shed hunting with dogs is the social aspect.

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